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CLICK HERE to visit the official LZ LAMBEAU WEBSITE!!!

Some of the pictures I took over the weekend...


The following description is directly from their website.  This will be an incredible event.  Please spread the word and I hope to see you out there!

What It's About

Vietnam Veterans, their families, and the public are invited to a special Welcome Home celebration at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. It's a weekend of free activities including a special ticketed event on Saturday night. Free events include several days of concerts, reunions, vehicle displays, and exhibits including The Moving Wall™.

During the Welcome Home Ceremony at Lambeau Field on Saturday evening, May 22 we will remember those who did not return from combat with music, readings, and a preview of the Wisconsin Public Television documentary, Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories.

Who's Involved

The intention of the event is to provide Vietnam veterans with the Welcome Home that which was denied them 40 years ago. In this effort, Wisconsin Public Television, the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the Department of Veterans Affairs became partners in the Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories Project. But for the effort to create the event called LZ Lambeau, the partners are joined by the Green Bay Packers, the City of Green Bay, the State of Wisconsin, several of Wisconsin's Indian Nations, and a growing group of veterans' organizations.

Designed by the veterans and veterans service organizations, Wisconsin's Vietnam War veterans and Vietnam Era veterans, and all their families, are invited to a weekend of activities that will include a motorcycle ride across the state from La Crosse to Green Bay, concerts, The Moving Wallâ„¢ exhibit, Vietnam War military exhibits, photo exhibits, vehicle and helicopter displays, and social get-togethers.

The Welcome Home Weekend will culminate with the veterans and their families filling Lambeau Field for an official Memorial Ceremony for their fallen colleagues. This presentation will feature music and spoken word performances, and screenings of excerpts from the Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories documentary on the Tundravision.

A special outreach effort is underway to encourage the participation of the families of the more than 1,200 Wisconsinites who did not return from the war, and the families of those returned veterans who did not live long enough to be welcomed home.

This event, certain to attract nation-wide attention, is a chance for our veterans to finally be able to take public pride in their service, and to receive the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories Project

Wisconsin Public Television - The Documentary
Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories

Telling emotional stories that haven't been heard before, Wisconsin Vietnam War veterans recount their experiences in a three-hour television documentary coming to Wisconsin Public Television in May and June of 2010. Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories will feature dozens of veterans from all regions of Wisconsin who will reflect on their memories of the Vietnam War and their experiences during and after the war.

More than 100 Wisconsin veterans from all branches of service have been interviewed by Producer Mik Derks for the programs, sharing moving stories of triumph and loss in the field of duty, brotherhood and companionship in the ranks and a welcome homecoming they never received after sacrificing nearly everything on the battlefield. Archival video and historical photography and maps evoke the stark imagery of the war alongside the veterans' stories.

Click here to pre-order the Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories documentary from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

For more information: Erik Ernst, publicist, 608-265-3853.


Wisconsin Historical Society - The Book
Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press is presently putting together a book of extended interviews with 40 Wisconsin Vietnam veterans interviewed for the Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories Project. Following the same storytelling chronology as the documentary, "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember" will provide more of the personal experiences of Wisconsin citizens who served in Vietnam. These extended interviews will further our understanding of the conflict and the personal toll of the war on those who fought.

For an example of how "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember" will present Wisconsin veterans stories, read from a previous publication about Wisconsin's Korean Veterans. For further information on the Vietnam Stories book and its authors, read a press release from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press (pdf).

Click here to pre-order the Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember book from the Wisconsin Historical Society.